Thursday, June 12, 2008

This room was inspired by some castle interiors. I only made one piece of furniture for this room, that's the big cabinet on the left. It's a piece for show, the doors don't open. I always mention that to save people from asking if the doors open. I designed the box to have a space in which I could insert a small light to simulate daylight streaming in through the window. The small bulb emits a soft glow, sort of early evening light. For this shot I removed it and set a lamp with a bright bulb to shine down into the opening behind the window. I wanted more of a late afternoon light.

I painted the pictures using 17th c. paintings for inspiration.

The floor and the placement of the painted panels below the window and the bookshelves come from the picture of an old Swiss chateau.

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George the Miniguy said...

This is very tastefully done. I'm impressed that you painted your own pictures for the room. I might have cheated by converting some old pictures and printing them out on my computer. I'm also glad to know about your using the brighter light bulb to take the picture. I'll remember that if I am ever doing a scene like that. Thanks!